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Silicone Construction
Made of food grade and BPA free silicone which ensures that it won't break, fade, warp, melt or bend. Wooden handle kitchen set is free from harmful toxins and it does not release any harsh chemicals, which enables a safe and hygienic cooking experience.
All Temperature Resistant
This BPA free kitchen utensil set is more resistant to heat from 372℉/200℃. Silicone utensil set has a high heat tolerance of up to 470F and for cold it is sustainable from - 22℉/-30℃.
Ergonomic Handles
Non-stick kitchen utensil set features sturdy and ergonomic wooden handle which protect your hands from getting burned and also offers a comfortable grip. Wooden handle has a small hole at its end, so that it can be hanged easily.
Safe for Your Non-stick Cookware
The rounded edges and nonstick material like silicone makes our kitchen utensil set absolutely safe to use on your nonstick cookware.
Inert & Hypoallergenic
Nothing used in its manufacture will leach into your food and its surface has no pores that can harbor or propagate germs and bacteria.
Dishwasher Safe
Its high thermal stability and low toxicity make it completely safe to clean using your dishwasher.
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